Epic Fail Report

From May 15 of this year, as part of going through the archive of shit I write about from time to time in other places…

Had a epic big failure, the kind of which I’ve never had happen to me before, on a date on Sunday night.

I turned a “hell yes!” girl into a no girl by being well off my A game and being around her at the time.

Cute, much younger, tits on a stick (now code named “TOAS”), athletic, mildly crazy which is like crack to me. “I am so going to fuck the shit out of you” and “I love sucking cock, and I do it well, I’ll wake you up with it every morning” coming out of her mouth.

But… <sigh> I lost my frame via a day of drinking wine and being exhausted, and got honest about things I should have held in for a few more dates when asked about things a few moments later.

Went from hearing “I tell myself, TOAS, don’t fuck this one up, this guy is a keeper” to “I’m not the girl for you” in the matter of about 20 minutes. And then I fucking argued with her that she was!! lol, idiot!

Ego is stinging hard right now 3 days later, but I learned a lot and this will help me focus in on the next yes girl, they’re out there in spades, reminder that I need to keep an abundance mentality.

It happens to the best of us, I just need to keep grinding on my mission and open everyone in town, and as Dante Nero says work on “laying the 5 bricks every day”.

Felt like I needed to come clean as part of getting this out of my system. They are not all wins even when they should be.

It’s 3 months later and rereading this I can feel the sting of it still.. Clearly I need more rejection, and while it’s not up to me, it would be great if the rejection came a bit earlier on in the seduction phase vs 10 seconds from heading out the door to go to my house. <chuckles>

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