+1 Finally…

The long dry spell is over, finally got the American flag lol…

While I might have stuck my dick in crazy just now, it wouldn’t be the first time, important to thank god for girls with no gag reflex.

Weathered major shit tests from this one for at least a week trying to get me to fold, ultimatums met by me with “OK, no problem” cause I really didn’t give 2 shits. Wasn’t going to happen. *Very* clear on expectations, just barely FWB (“for now…”).

Not sure I want to be seen in town with her, would lower my SMV. But seems to have some submissive wiring in her that is starting to get exposed. Tightest hole I’ve ever fucked, ever, like fucking a 7 year old, not that I know what that feels like but if one was to imagine.  Couldn’t take but about half of me, and I don’t do bad but I’m not even John Holmes. 

The smoking hot latina flies out on her own dime from TX next weekend for a week of fun, 56 and an N count of 3 of which I am 3.

Finally in a reasonably good mood, just kicked her out and am back to working on my mission. Plate #1 in the rotation. Slump buster

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