Pulled from the vault, this one is from a tumultuous time in my life back in April of 2014, but the dream is still very vivid today

My dream tonight lands me in a foreign country somewhere unfamiliar/unknown to me, my first memories are that I’m on a bed in someones house or apartment in a rural area, cement plaster walls that cover the dirt construction, dark, few windows but I know it is daytime somehow by the light I can see in the other room. 

A few people are leaving the room via a beaded curtain that separates the rooms, but this nearly naked woman wearing just a long thin white scarf stays behind and turns around and while standing starts masturbating, dancing and rubbing no more than 2 feet in front of me. 

Clearly this is meant for me but I have no idea who she is or why this is happening.  Her fingers furiously working her pussy and I’m very unsure of what to do as she leans in aggressively towards me. I’m feeling a heightened sense of unease.

Foreign woman, looking Israeli or something, long dark hair, petite figure, small breasts.  If I don’t do anything my sense is that this is wrong, but I’m also aware of an intense sense that doing nothing is the wrong thing and will cause a really bad thing to happen.  I’m struck by a sense that there is no right thing to do.  Dread pours off of me, anxiety is present, I’m running on pure adrenaline

I reach out tentatively thinking that I’m somehow expected to help her get off so I pull on a nipple from the tits that are being pushed towards my face while looking into her eyes for feedback from her, it seems to be helping somehow as she leans back moaning in pleasure. 

This goes on for maybe 20-30 seconds at most.  Then she smiles at me as she stops and begins to loudly accuse me of rape and assaulting her. 

People appear, and I’m very aware that I’m suddenly in a very, very dangerous situation facing a few hostile men who appear from nowhere to confront me face to face in a language I can’t understand who want to kill me while I’m left trying to explain my side. 

I’m encouraged to wai Thai style and apologize by someone who doesn’t speak my language but is emphatically gesturing to me by example from the side – do like this! he is encouraging me. 

Suddenly a youngish bearded guy comes in to my vision from the L side and immed sits in my lap explaining calmly in English that he is conflicted, he has traveled a long way to get here, and that this is his girl, now he has learned about her true intentions but still holds me accountable somehow. 

I’m keenly aware of a sense that there is a knife somewhere – either in his hand, on his belt, hidden somewhere, that is waiting to come out and it is destined for my rib cage. 

I wake up

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