The Beige Philip Principles

This used to be readily available online at the website but the link I had is no good, so h/t to IM for the original content that I’m republishing here.

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Find Dante Nero and the crew at the Beige Philip show podcast, all credit to them for putting these principles out there to begin with

01 – We are at war.

Nothing you want to do gets in the way of your relationship, it is innately part of who you are and why the bitch fell in love with you in the first place. We are at war. You’re in situations when you think you’re in a relationship but you’re not in a relationship, you’re in battle. If you give in you’ll never get what you lost back, it’s very hard to get what you’ve lost back if you’re not a “master pimp.”

02 – All bitches are crazy.

Stop trying to make sense out of nonsense, they’re out of their fucking mind. You’re trying to use logic to figure out what they’re thinking, but this is guerilla warfare – stop with the logic.

03 – Repeated favours become obligations.

Anything you do more than 3 times is no longer a favor, it is a habit and an obligation and you need to understand that’s how they (women) think. To an extent, men are the same. When people come to expect things, it’s no longer a favor but an unspoken duty.

04 – Women fall for who you are but they try to make you something that you’re not.

A woman falls in love with you for everything that you are. She spends the rest of the relationship trying to change you into everything that you’re not, and when she succeeds she will dump you for the guy who is what you were when she met you. You’ll get left for the guy you used to be even though she’s trying to change you. That’s why you have to set up fake rules for them to break, then they feel good without really breaking your integrity or who you are. When a woman falls in love with you and she’s attracted to you there are things she’s attracted by, don’t change those things, she’s going to ask you to change things that she finds innately attractive. This sounds fucked up because it’s an act of self-sabotage (of the relationship) but the thing is she knows other women find these things about you attractive so she tries to get rid of it so that other women don’t come at you.

05 – Whatever’s broke, fix it.

Always be self-improving and upgrading wherever you can. EG: Your salary, car, personality, game, skillset (languages, martial arts, instruments), your physique (gym etc)

06 – Trust your gut.

If your balls are tingling a bitch is probably gonna kick you in the balls. Don’t ignore your better instincts for a whiff of the pussy. If a bitch gives you alarm, stop the interaction, don’t argue, just leave. Guys ignore their gut because they’re in love or in lust. Compromise when you’re comfortable, do not compromise when you’re uncomfortable as when it gets thrown in your face, because you bent over too far backwards, you’re not just going to be angry at her but at yourself too because you compromised yourself.

07 – If anything goes wrong it’s always your fault (because she’s a reflection of you.)

Anything that happens in a relationship that goes bad with your woman, if your woman’s a bitch, if she’s disrespectful, if she cheats on you, if she leaves you, if she takes your money – it’s your fault. The way she treats you is down to the presentation you give her. There’s no such thing as victims, just volunteers.

08 – Don’t assume shit.

Common sense ain’t common, if it was common everybody would know. You can’t assume people understand things, you need to be a guy who can explain things straight so that she understands her options. Get good at giving ultimatums and laying out your boundaries by communicating them adequately, even though she may expect you to be a mind reader, you don’t have that same luxury so get good at laying it down.

09 – Put yourself first at all costs.

If you don’t love yourself nobody else will. If you don’t put yourself first, she won’t. If you put a woman first, she won’t appreciate that shit and ends up taking you for a sucker. But if you’re like “fuck it I don’t care what you need” they’re grateful for any little thing.

Stop using the W words, “who”, “what”, “when”, “why” – stop giving a fuck, you know what happens if you ask them W words? You’re getting taken in and then you feel like you need to know what she thinks. The reason you think you need to know is because you think what she thinks is important and that essentially what she thinks is more important than what you think. In order to not give a fuck you’ve got to understand what your value is, this chick is interested in you because she sees some sort of value in you, if she thought you were a failure then she wouldn’t have anything to do with you in the first place, what you’re doing is changing her mind (of the opinion she’s formed that you’re worth knowing) and thus she’s re-evaluating your value.

10 – Agreements with women don’t mean shit.

Don’t think that if you’re honest and they agree to it, that they’ll agree it to later, there’s no binding legal agreement. Women have integrity amnesia, whatever you decide the relationship will be in the beginning doesn’t mean a damn thing. What she wants in a relationship changes based upon her emotions because her reality stems from her emotional state (See #16.) Whatever they agree to in the beginning doesn’t mean shit later on, they haven’t signed a legal contract, you have to police that, you have to hold firm with the rules, you show you’re a real man by sticking to your guns. Likewise, if you establish something as a pattern, that pattern can’t change just because she chooses to complain about it.

11 – You MUST be credible.

You wanna be the captain of your ship then you’ve gotta steer all the time. You must be in control, but you need to be credible so she can relinquish her control. It’s her job to give you a hard time because what she’s trying to do is make sure that you’re credible, if you’re not strong enough to protect her from her own bullshit then how are you able to protect her from other people? In order for her to allow you to take charge you’ve got to be credible. If you’re trying to sell her something you don’t have, she isn’t gonna buy it. It’s about being a man, taking what you want. It’s about being credible, taking control, giving a woman what she needs as opposed to what she wants, understanding what she needs and making the hard decisions when you need to make the hard decisions so that she sees you as credible, they really don’t wanna drive, they want to give the wheel up, but they’ll only give it up to someone who they feel is credible enough to give it up to and only then will they let YOU drive.

12 – Everybody “gets got” at some point.

You will fall in love, get your heart-broken and get fucked over, it’s inevitable and you need the experience to become a true player in the game, use your heartbreak as a learning experience to catapult yourself forwards.

13 – Be Ready to take the L.

Do not be afraid to leave, if things aren’t working out you’ve got to leave, and you’ve got to communicate to her that you will leave. If she calls you on that, you have to follow through. If you’re afraid to argue with her, let alone leave, then she’s pimping you with the pussy and you’re not in control.

14 – Women pretend they don’t want sex.

It’s easy to control a woman’s body, but takes a real man to control a bitches mind. The power you’re going up against is so huge. The reason it’s difficult is because women have a natural aptness in mental manipulation. Women’s sexuality has been repressed by 2,000 years of religion which is why so many feel they need excuses to have sex now, to have plausible deniability in situations where really they do in fact want to fuck.

15 – Women’s behaviour and personality mirrors you in a relationship.

A bitch is always a reflection of the guy that she’s fucking, they don’t really have set personalities. When you’re with a woman, whatever she is, her love needs to attach itself to something and when she attachs that love to someone, they ultimately shape who she is. The way you treat a woman shapes who she is as a person.

16 – Female Logic.

A woman cannot be logical because her logic is based upon her emotional foundation, so as she changes in her mood so does the foundation of her logic.

17 – Feminine indifference is dangerous.

Never have a woman be indifferent about you. Have her love you, have her hate you but don’t have her be indifferent, indifference is the nail in the coffin. If you piss a girl off she’s more likely to fuck you.

18 – Be astute, observe.

There is information all around us, it is our job to interpret it and use it to our benefit. Look for clues. If a woman fucks you over, there will be clues beforehand. Moodiness, major difference in behaviour and demeanour around different people etc. If you’re caught by surprise, you weren’t paying attention to the subtle (or not so subtle) cues she was giving off.

19 – When a woman dumps you.

If a woman leaves you then praise that because it gives you time to be inside a new woman that’s more worthy. If she’s left, it’s dead. Don’t go back, go forward (see #20.)

20 – Don’t chase them, replace them, remain unaffected.

You’ve gotta like you so that when these women make a decision that goes beyond your scope of patience, you’ll be ok. You don’t control a woman, your patience does. You have to be consistently inconsistent and unaffected, understand the emotions that she’s giving you she’s just bouncing off you to get a rise. You have to be kinda robotic “this is what we’re doing? OK I’ll drop you off” being consistently inconsistent is what keeps her off-balance, it creates interest and keeps her interested in you. In poker, if you keep bluffing or raising then they’re gonna catch you, you have to mix it up.

21 – What it takes to get a woman is the same thing it takes to keep her.

The elements required to get a woman are the same things it takes to keep her (being nice, intelligent, rich etc) the things she is initially attracted to are the same things that keep her interested in the long run. The opposite is not true. The element needed to get a man is not the same as the elements needed to keep him. You get a man by having a vagina, but the thing women don’t understand is the contract surrounding that. A man gives his best to a woman and then she fucks him – contracts finished. Now if you want a man to like you that’s a different contract that needs renegotiating (essentially a vagina will get a man into a womans bed, but it’s not enough to make him commit.)

22 – Never let a bitch define you.

Don’t let a bitch define you because if you do then it won’t be long before you ain’t shit. If you don’t think you’re the shit, she won’t either. “You’ve got to be the shit so that she knows you’re the shit.”

23 – The game is going down.

The game is happening whether you’re playing or not, you can either learn to play good or you can learn to lose. Choosing not to play the game doesn’t mean you’re not in the game it just means you’re gonna lose quicker. You have to learn the rules of engagement in order to play the game.

24 – Create a bidding war.

Bitches always want what they can’t have. If a girl sees you with another chick or that you’re generally just having a good time with other people she’ll want a part of that. That’s how you start a bidding war, by not giving a fuck about her and by nature of logistics, she forced to see you doing your own thing and having a good time. Jealousy is the active ingredient in a bidding war.

25 – Stop making black and white movies into Technicolor.

You see women as better than they are, you think she’s worth so much more than she is. In reality it is you who is ascribing this extra value to her, she does not actually possess it. As an asset you are worth more than her, your value appreciates with age whilst hers depreciates. Stop seeing women in some golden light, like her farts don’t stink and she has no bad qualities, because her shit does smell and she has plenty of fucking issues which you fail to acknowledge. Your mind deludedly constructs this false ideal to fool you into thinking she’s better than she is or even worse, that you’re not worthy [of her.]

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