Thoughts on M/s

Was going through an old Twitter DM thread with a cute little thing I know, all the way back to Sept of 2019, and I found this.

I haven’t published anything in a minute, a few things I’m working on are in the hopper, but I liked this when I read it again after so long, and thought I’d share it.

A very dense bit of writing, not mine, and I think it really describes the Master/slave dynamic well. This, to me, helps describe what it is all about.

There is one more writing buried in there around M/s that I need to find to get up here, soon…

Enjoy some mindset from the lifestyle

For a slave to become so finely tuned and in-sync, like a Bluetooth device, that You frequently forget its there in Your shadow, because life is now so effortless and pleasurable. A slave works best under a smart no-nonsense Authoritarian Master, who generously extends the life-affirming gift of slavery upon it, and remains strict with His valuable rules, standards and protocols once they have been clearly communicated. An intelligent grounded Master, who has no problem delivering a solid reality check to any slave arrogant enough to assume it already knows how to please serve Him.

In truth, it doesn’t know anything, until He tells it what it needs to know, because it is 100 percent about His agenda. A structured life where actions (or inaction’s) have consequences, and verbal-physical corrections applied for guidance and constructive criticism. Excuses (lame or reasonable) from a slave for late or imperfect work are unacceptable, because results are all that matter. it understands that any positive acknowledgment from Master is conditional, never expected, always appreciated, and has a quick expiry date.

To the busy slave, there’s effectively no difference between sexual service and ordinary service. it is useful whenever, wherever, however He wishes. this slave understands that actual sexual context may comprise less than 1 percent of any given day, if at all, and that service to Him in ANY respect is fulfilling – whether its kissing His feet, ironing His shirt, butler chauffeur valet, oral bladder relief, cooking His omelet, cleaning His house, massaging His Body, serving His guests, bathroom attendance, His footstool, His clean always ready masturbation holes, stress relief, whatever He needs – everything is structured devotion to Him, and any distress or secondary pleasures felt by the slave accomplishing these tasks are irrelevant.

it remains naked, vulnerable and servile beneath Him. Pain can intensify primal connection to Him, tap into the slaves subconscious suggestive mind, and trigger deep uncomplicated submissive spirit. Punishment is an altogether different tool, always feared, historically inflicted on any slave that doesn’t deliver to set standards (of attitude or efficiency). Punishment is His passionate investment in their mutual future – if He didn’t care about His property, He wouldn’t bother punishing it. Masters cannot be expected to be right ALL of the time, but on the other hand, They are NEVER wrong.

Inevitably, there may be periods when a slave feels unjustly treated, and is unable to repress a strong dislike of its Owner, but that would be a normal reaction to any effective slave training. During such difficult times, the slave should steady its mind and think much bigger, saving itself from the quicksands of its own self pity, and remind itself constantly that slavery is the absolute ONLY path to personal fulfillment and happiness, because a lifetime of other paths have been tried and always failed. That it cannot possibly achieve this rare goal of being slave property on its own. And gradually it will realize that Master is the magic, not the obstacle. He is the Way, the Truth and the Light, and the sub is meaningless without Him. He is simply doing His job.

So instead of recoiling and avoiding, it must work with Him and intensify its approach, moving ever deeper into His thrall, offering the other cheek, inviting Him to enslave and overwhelm it, so that it may lose old perspectives and useless identity. And reliably, He will save it, soothe it, and re-position it where it belongs at His feet. There are two proto-types of Masters, with very different methods manifestos – Playtime or Lifestyle.

The first is Outside-In, whereby the Master takes a primarily sexual acquisition of the slave, operating obsessively on the subs body to further its submission to Him. The other type is Inside-Out, where the Master goes straight for the mind of the slave, structuring its new arrangement under Him, changing its compass to point exclusively to Him, and with Him sex is not the central reason, but merely a sensory marker of progress made in the TPE. Master reboots the slaves mind and changes the password. Far better is the second type.

In the normal world, moody is a bad thing. However here, the Master Who fully expresses Himself is a generous communicator. slave becomes the steadfast lightning rod for His abundant energy – the good, the bad the ugly, His lightness, His gregarious humor and charm, His intelligence and thuggery, His anxiety, His disappointments, His hopes, His fears, His sloppy or physically repugnant comforts, His good and not-so-good and downright horrible smells.

He may choose to be friendly with the slave, but it is never even remotely resembling a friendship, because His priority is to observe, interrupt, and improve behavior at every opportunity – meaning that any friendly interaction imperfectly handled by the slave could abruptly end with a verbal or physical correction. And as confidence builds, He feels comfortable revealing more of His darker elements and twisted feelings, that throughout His life Master may have resisted or restrained, but finally now its invigorating for Him to release the whole animal out of the cage.

All of Him is now in glorious full display, all aspects of His mind body operating in irresistible harmony like a pumped-up electric orchestra – good, bad, fantastic, ugly, mad, thrilling. Such 360 degree unfiltered expression cannot possibly exist in normal partnerships, because of fear of hurting feelings, fear of causing physical pain, or suffering needless arguments, or absurd threats of abandonment. Because this slave is securely under contract – signed, sealed delivered in a supremely unequal arrangement, fully empowering Master to access and develop that property in whatever way He sees fit.

slavery is a difficult challenging vocation, not for the faint-hearted, frequently boring, repetitive and lonely, and sometimes filled with crushing doubt, but an experienced Master understands the inevitable emotional push and pull of the slaves brave journey under Him, and the power of His unique agency to flip any occasional resistance into an optimistic growth opportunity, turning the half-empty glass to almost full again, pushing the slave ever-forward into its committed destiny, helping it where it cannot help itself, and peeling away its noisy useless history to embrace the remarkable fragile devotional slave heart underneath.

Always, for the happiness of both, He has his eye on the endgame like the General on the hill, thinking ahead into the future, as His slave works faithfully cheerfully beneath Him, eyes on His Boots, completely trusting in His grace and leadership, equally invested in good and bad times under Him.


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