It’s been an interesting 12 months…

Actually it’s been an interesting 28 months, but I digress

I’ve been kinda quiet for the last few months. Things have finally come to a conclusion, and I feel like I can begin to write again. Maybe as a way to explain why I’ve been quiet.

I’ve been working on this for a few days now. About half way through the 3rd and final part, and it hit me.

The further I get into it, the less I’m caring about it.

It just doesn’t matter anymore.

So I pulled down the original, all I have left in me is this quick story.

Readers Digest version, since the tweet linking here is still up..

Befriended a girl in 2010, went from FWB into more.

Discussed BDSM over dinner one night a year or so later, she said let’s go for it. Turned FWB into a relationship of sorts.

Lots of breakups and reconciliations over 9 years.

Finally break it off for good in August of 2019, but she doesn’t let it go.

Harassing, stalking, coming into my house while I’m not home, etc. Felt like crazy behavior to me, so I file the first of 2 restraining orders, the first ends up being mediated for a 6 month stay away.

All is good till it expires in May of 2020 and things start up again, the pattern continues to continue.

Lots of little things happen, but in early October 2020, to really try to get my attention, she fires off a wall of slanderous and outrageous claims by text to the wife of a guy I work with/for, who I travel on business with, who is a friend. Insanely inappropriate, insanely insane.

An attempt to drive a wedge in to my life. Accusing me of all kinds of crazy shit.

I lose a job in large part because of this, friend and I have a rocky few weeks.

Friend ends up leaving his wife, has new GF that he is very happy with. Wife has a hard time.

I get a new better job, I’ve got a better much younger hotter freakier, actually submissive, girl in HSG who is on the same page with me from moment 1, encouraging me to live the lifestyle I want with her by my side, half a step back and to the right.

Get a sign in the mail from the ex in late October 2020 – 18 months post-breakup… 18 months… 18.


File a 2nd restraining order, hire attorney since it doesn’t appear this will stop here. I’m starting to wonder about the smell of boiling bunnies in the air. We’ve teetered into the land of stabby crazy.

In her response, she accuses me of abuse for spanking her hard. Includes some wild naked photos in her filing that all the court clerks still laugh about when I appear at the window for paperwork since they know the case.

She violates RO last December, she clearly knows I’m already in the gym – she makes eye contact through a window as she is walking through the parking lot, walks within a foot of my car, and still comes in the front door. I have the police come remove her, incident report filed.

She apparently flies into a rage as a result, and files an RO against me for things that happened in the relationship that ended well over a year ago

Court sets and moves a few hearing dates, we continue a few times. Things drag on.

In July I get a call from a sheriff woman assigned to the district attorneys office, wanting to hear “your side of the story” me: what story. The abuse that went on during your relationship. Refer her to my attorney. Turns out she’s from the domestic abuse division.

Bitch is trying to get me thrown in jail on criminal charges now.

DA is silent, but apparently isn’t interested in pursuing the case. Checkmate, my ass.

We extend and extend, with constant offers to settle with another mediated agreement at all points along the way.

No go, she wants her day in court against me to speak my crimes.

Court date was finally set for the 15th of December for a full day hearing

15th hits, she doesn’t show up for court.

I win my RO, hers is denied.

A wild ride that I’m glad to be finally done with, both here and in real life.

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